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Sabrina as Lucy in “Moon Week & Mentors

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I think I am am a lot like him [Dez] but like, I’m more like a contained version. Like, if you could like chill Dez out a lot, that’s more of me. But that’s like the inner me. Like, I fall down a lot,and I’m crazy and I have like, weird ideas. But I think I’m more like a chill, more like a subtle version. And I think I dress a little differently.

There are so many ways you can look at this post. You can, delete my entire rant under this and see it as a Dez and Ally banter/friendship appreciation post, or you can look at it from the perspective I’m looking at it from (if that makes sense). But really, I’d like to point out something that I’ve long noticed and came back to me after a friend on twitter’s rant about how the rest of the team treats Ally and her dorkiness (kudos to you, Sam). I used Dez as an example because I also loved their banter and I wanted this post to also stand alone as a gifset without the rant, however people choose to perceive it as. Anyway, yeah — rant. It’s just the fact that Ally’s dorky and she gets put down a lot for it, whether it’s jokingly by her best  friends or in all seriousness. It’s not just Dez, Austin and Trish do it as well. Austin does it in a less offensive kind of matter — usually it’s more of a banter between them, kind of like Austin ridiculing Ally because he’s amused by her — but at times he does get a bit serious there. And Trish, dear God, she does it quite often as well, and it makes me mad because in the episode where Ally sang her Redial, Ally was showing her appreciation and love for her but most of the time Trish just brushes her off — mind the time in Diners and Daters where Ally was ranting to Trish about Austin and she didn’t even listen. Albeit, yes Trish does it to everyone but Ally is her best friend who’s always so nice and supportive of her — do you remember Ally taking some of Trish’s shifts at the start (or was that a fanfiction because I’m a little confused tbh). But anyway, Dez is sassy to everyone, let’s be real here. But whenever he sasses Ally, it’s like the whole gang feels obligated to join in and it really strikes a nerve because Ally’s just being Ally and she’s suggesting helpful things — not even dorky things, like the third set above — and they still ridicule her. It’s just, ugh, my baby. They’re so harsh on her and this is the girl that had so much insecurities and stagefright at the very start of the show. The fact that they still put her down for the little things doesn’t help these insecurities but the fact that she actually got past all that, well — that makes her amazing. But just because she has outgrown her stagefright, it does not mean that they can continually tackle her — it could actually start to have a reverse effect and I know I’m getting way too deep into this but I obsesses over this show, and I obsess over these characters and as a fangirl i feel like I have the right. So, um…that’s all really.

I was talking to my daughter.

Auslly + Colors (Requested by Alice)

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"Season one [Ally] was super shy, obviously had a lot of fears, kind of just your scared-of-the-world kind of girl, you know. She had really intense stage fright. And in season two you saw her just kind of like blossom into this really confident, secure lady that I thought was super, super cool. She got over her stage fright and she realized she wanted to pursue her dreams of being a singer, which she succeeded in the last episode of season two when she got a record deal. Season three just deals with her- obviously she’s an awesome confident girl now- and she is going and perusing her music career with a vengeance and she’s writing new music and she’s really serious about it. It’s awesome, awesome to see her from season one, this shy girl who’s totally afraid to show the world who she is, to season three, a girl who is completely ready to show the world what she’s made of.”

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Austin Moon → setting my heart on fire

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No one ever said it would be this hard…

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