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gllifreyfalls asked: Austin or Ally?

make me choose between two things:
anonymous made me choose between: boop in mytab and my pet or boop in couples and careers

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Make Me Choose Meme: 
bookmusicalover asked: Ally/Dez or Austin/Trish

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"You guys have your weird thing."

austin and ally + cupids & cuties

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Sabrina as Lucy in “Moon Week & Mentors

season one to season twodez favorite quotes

I think I am am a lot like him [Dez] but like, I’m more like a contained version. Like, if you could like chill Dez out a lot, that’s more of me. But that’s like the inner me. Like, I fall down a lot,and I’m crazy and I have like, weird ideas. But I think I’m more like a chill, more like a subtle version. And I think I dress a little differently.